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Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a flight from Shiraztravel.co.uk you are using a service provided by Shiraz Travel Ltd, a member of IATA & ATOL. Shiraz Travel Ltd is registered in England and Wales with registered number 4584099. Bookings made online through our secure server are bonded under our Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) 6689.


Any booking(s) made or any order placed by you, whether through Shiraztravel.co.uk or otherwise, shall be deemed an offer by you to purchase the relevant items subject to these booking conditions. Note that Shiraz Travel Ltd is selling the tickets as agents for the airlines, which means the contract for the flight product will be between you and the airline.

Please note that for each ticket there are additional terms which are specific to that fare. They may, for example, state that the ticket is non-cancellable or non - refundable, and have other information relating to itinerary and refunds. You must read the FLIGHT RULES for each ticket.

You are responsible for complying with any airline's terms in relation to check-in times, reconfirmation of flights or other matters. In relation to flight tickets, you are required to use all flight coupons in order of sequence. If this requirement is not met the airline may void the ticket. A contract arises between you and the airline when we send you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of Shiraz Travel Ltd confirming that they have accepted your booking(s).


All fares are quoted exclusive of taxes, plus the tax amount, post fee if applicable and ticketing fee and then a total. These are added together to form your final quotation. Fares are subject to change without prior notice and are only guaranteed when following confirmation of the contract. Generally, the more flexible the ticket the more expensive it is likely to be and you need to take various points into consideration before deciding between the fares on offer.


Shiraz Travel is connected to a vast database run by a third party, which provide the flight availability, these databases are known as General Distribution Systems (GDS) or Central reservation Systems (CRS). Certain airlines exists which do not maintain "real time" seat availability in the GDS/CRS. Therefore, instances may occur when airlines cancel sales due to the seats not being available. Although whilst every effort is made to minimize such cases, in the event of such a scenario arising Shiraz Travel Ltd will advise you within 48 hours and will do all they can to reinstate your booking(s).

There are a limited number of airlines which participate in the GDS/CRS, but do not participate in the UK Ticketing plan. In the unlikely event that you purchase tickets from an airline that does not participate in the UK Ticketing Plan Shiraz Travel Ltd will be unable to issue the relevant tickets and will have to terminate the reservation. In either instances we will not be liable for any additional costs incurred in having to purchase new tickets at a higher fare. Payment for tickets will of course be refunded to you if the reservation is terminated by the airline or us.


All of our tickets will be issued as "E-tickts"

Flight Reconfirmation

All onward, outward and return flights must be reconfirmed with the relevant airlines at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of that leg of the journey. Shiraz Travel Ltd will accept no responsibility for booking(s) cancelled due to non-compliance with rules set by that particular airline. Shiraz Travel Ltd also takes no responsibility for any flight rescheduling en route.
In the event of a schedule change it is not always necessary to have your tickets revalidated. However in some cases this may be necessary and we will inform you in due course and issue new tickets for you to use on your journey.


When applying for a visa either at our offices or through shiraztravel.co.uk, you authorise Shiraz Travel ltd and shiraztravel.co.uk, to act on your behalf in obtaining an entry visa for you. Shiraz Travel ltd and Shiraztravel.co.uk, have no authority or responsiblity in the issuing of any visa. Visas are all issued by the embassy of that country in London. Once you have submitted your application for a visa, the application process is started and cannot be cancelled, unless the application is unsuccessful. Application processing times are roughly between 10-15 working days (excluding bank holidays and public holidays of the country, which the visa is being applied for). These times can change without notice, depending on the time taken to carry out a background search on the applicant.
Please Send Documents to:
Shiraz Travel
Visa Department
88 Wilton Road London


Shiraz Travel Ltd insists that the full passenger name(s) to be entered into the booking(s) at time of reservation either through its agents or through its website, as per the passengers passport of choice for travel. Shiraz Travel Ltd and Shiraztravel.co.uk will not be held responsible for any false/wrong names or for incorrect spelling of names provided to them. Most airlines do not allow a change of name once a reservation has been made. If such an incident should arise, providing there are seats available, Shiraz Travel Ltd will do all that it can within its powers to resolve the issue. If a customer has got dual nationality, and requires both passports to be used at the time of travel, with different names, Shiraz Travel Ltd recommends that both names to be entered in the booking(s).


Shiraz Travel Ltd strongly urges you to carry appropriate travel insurance to cover you for cancellation, health, baggage etc.

Airline regulations / Conditions of carriage

Please note that in all transactions Shiraz Travel Ltd and Shiraztravel.co.uk acts as agents of the airlines you have chosen to book on. Please read your ticket wallet for their conditions of carriage.

Cancellation / Amendments

If you need to change or cancel your travel plans, it is your responsibility to notify Shiraz Travel Ltd in writing of such request up to 24 hours before your flight departure. Some tickets are non-refundable, but can be applied (for a limited time) toward future travel, less any applicable penalties. Some tickets do not allow changes.

Shiraz Travel Ltd may appliy an administration fee of upto 30 per ticket for any modifications or changes to the fares on top of the airline charge if applicable. This will be regardless of the price or face value of the fare.If seats are not available in the same booking class as your original ticket, but seats are available in a higher fare, you will need to pay the difference between the two fares plus any change penalty and administration charges.

Shiraz Travel Ltd also applies an administration fee of up to 60 per ticket for any cancellation on top of the airline cancellation charge, if the tickets are refundable.

Please ensure you read the FLIGHT RULES for the fare selected as airline charges are notified in those rules depending on whether you wish to cancel or change your flight. If you are holding a booking for which a ticket has been arranged and you do not notify us in writing of your desire to cancel, this will be treated as a "no show" and could result in you losing all that you have paid.


If you want to cancel your journey it is important that you notify us in writing with utmost urgency up to 24 hours before the departure date. This enables us to cancel your reservation with the airline. If you already have your ticket please submit it to us.
Tickets Must be Sent to:
Shiraz Travel
Refunds and Cancellations
88 Wilton Road London

On receipt of the ticket we will send you an acknowledgement that we have received it. Those tickets which are refundable or cancelled by us will be processed and refunded back to your Credit or Debit card in approximately 10 weeks from our receipt of the ticket. If you have paid cash or transferred the amount into our account, a cheque will be issued in the passenger's name. Some tickets may need to be submitted to the airline for the cancellation and/or refund to be authorized. In this event your refund request may take longer, but we will advise you in our acknowledgement of the expected turnaround period. Please note that most airlines do not offer refunds on partly used tickets. Tickets which are returned more than 1 year from date of issue are classified as expired tickets and must be submitted to the airline for their authority to refund.

Lost Tickets

Tickets will be dispatched to you in accordance with your instructions and we accept no responsibility for their delivery. For electronic tickets it is not a problem we will simply print you out another copy or email you another copy.


As Shiraz Travel Ltd & Shiraztravel.co.uk acts as agent this will mean that it will have no contractual liability to you in respect of the flight product. However, it may still be liable to you if it has been negligent; it has misrepresented important information or has been in breach of any other relevant law.

Unreasonable behavior

If in the reasonable opinion of a person acting in authority you are not fit to travel, he or she may refuse to let you board the aircraft. Normally this happens if such person thinks you are likely to disturb or harm other passengers. In this case your contract with Shiraz Travel Ltd will end immediately and we will no longer be responsible for you.

Shiraz Travel Ltd Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Shiraz Travel Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy, and takes its responsibilities regarding the security of customer information very seriously. This policy explains how we use customer information and how we protect your privacy.

We require certain information to allow us to process your flight booking. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, and email address, as well as your credit or debit card number and expiry date. We also need to know all the names of the passengers traveling. This information allows us to process your flight booking(s) and to send you confirmation of your booking(s) by email or post. We ask for your telephone number so that we can contact you urgently if there is a problem with your reservation.

When you book a flight, as required by the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access. Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose sensitive information to you.

Unless we have your express consent we will only disclose personal data to third parties if it is required for the purpose of completing your transaction with us. This is of course subject to the provision that we may disclose your data to certain permitted third parties, such as members of our own group, our own professional advisers who are bound by confidentiality codes, and when we are legally obliged to disclose your data.

Shiraz Travel Ltd retains and uses your personal information to provide you with the best remote commerce (including electronic and mobile commerce) experience by providing you with a personalized service and to give you details of offers which we think will be of interest to you. We may also use the information to process any transactions you undertake with us and for internal administration and analysis. For quality assurance and training reasons we may record phone calls made to us.

We do not sell, rent or trade your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent.

Third Party Advertising

The ads appearing on this Web site is delivered to you, on our behalf, by our Web advertising partners. Information about your visit to this site, such as number of times you have viewed an ad (but not your name, address, or any other personal information), is used to serve ads. The advertisement may have a privacy policy which may differ to that of Shiraz Travel Ltd and shiraztravel.co.uk privacy policy, It is strongly advised that you also read these when you visit their web sites respectfully.


By disclosing your personal information to us using this website or over the telephone, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information Shiraz Travel Ltd. in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. Some information and e-mails sent to Shiraz Travel Ltd may be used as testimonials but no e-mail address or contact details will be displayed.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive, which enable Shiraz Travel Ltd to provide features such as remembering your address, so that you don't have to re-enter it each time you make a booking(s) (this service is opt-in). Cookies can be deleted from your hard drive if you wish. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings to prevent that. Even without a cookie you can use most of the features on the web site. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information.


All credit/debit card transactions are carried out on behalf of Shiraz Travel Ltd by First Data merchant services).