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Shiraz Travel is proud to announce our dates of travel for Hajj 2015

After establishing a great business partnership with our sister company Parvaze Noor and after a huge success in our previous tours, we are happy and very confident that this trip would be one of the greatest memories and places you would visit. To find out more about our sister company visit parvazenoor.com
08 September 2015 till 27 September 2015
And will stay in:
Maddineh from 08 September 2015 till 13 September 2015
Makkah from 14 September 2015 TILL 27 September 2015
In order to gain entry to Saudia Arabia you will require a hajj visa which we will provide for you as part of the package. Please fill the Visa Application form and send in the required documents.

Hajj package

  • Return ticket from London Heathrow to Saudi Arabia.
  • Hajj Visa.
  • Air conditioned Transport.
  • Transportation cheque (maktab al vokala)
  • Ghorbani
  • Accomodation

5 * Inter continental Dar al Iman hotel in Maddineh. sleeps 4 people per room.

Luxury Apartments in Azizieh of Makkah. Sleeps 4 people per room.

  • Half board catering in Medinna and Full Board catering in Mekka. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, fruits and desert. Food is cooked by Iranian cook and at least three different types of food will be available for each session.
  • VIP tents in Arafat. All tents are air conditioned and are fitted with refrigerators which are filled with cold beverages throughout our stay. Prices are per person.

Prices: Please contact us for Prices

For all our passengers who are travelling with us during hajj, there will be a gift package which will be provided upon arrival to Saudi Arabia.

The GIFT package includes:

  • A Saudi Arabian sim card which makes contacting your family easier and cheaper
  • A hat and neck scarf and a small bag and Ehrami for men only
  • A hat and neck scarf and a small bag AND a prayer mat for women only

Dar Al Iman hotel in Maddineh is a few steps away from Nabi Mosque.
Apartments in Makkah are in the Azizieh area and transport is available at all times to take you to and from the holy haram.

Must Have Essential During Your Hajj:

Gents Ehram:

  • 2 Pieces of Cloths (unstiched)
  • Slippers (unstiched)
  • Nail clipper OR pocket size scissors
  • Razor
  • Small bag for collection of small stone
  • One extra piece of thick cloth is mandatory as it gets cold during evening and night in Mena and Mashaar

Womens Ehram:

  • Chaddor (in white colour)
  • Head scarf (in white colour)
  • Shirt (in white colour)
  • Trousers (in white colour)
  • Socks (in white colour)
  • Shoes (in white colour)
  • Nail clipper OR pocket size siccors

Please be aware during our stay in Saudi Arabia the weather is very hot and humid therefore you're advised to bring appropriate clothing, also in madineh it gets cold during early morning and late night.
Vaccination Needed: Meningitis b (this can be obtained from your g.P or a local travel clinic)

Important notice:

We apologise in advance that we can not accept applicants who have serious medical conditions and in need of constant care or wheelchair users unless they are accompanied by another person as we do not have the facilities to accommodate such person. Please notify staff before paying your deposit if you suffer from any medical conditions. Some mild cases might be considered. Upon our arrival to Saudi Arabia all passports will be collected and kept by the saudi government and will not be handed back until the end of hajj.

  • We will have an on-site doctor available for you for all your medical needs at all times during our stay.
  • We work closely with Hospitals in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj period and also have contracts with the Saudi hospitals during our Hajj period.
  • We will provide all the services of GORBANI.
  • There will be several sessions of getting to know the Holy places in Madineh and Makkah. There will also be a Rohani available in all sessions to answer any question you might have.
  • We will visit the Nabi, Goba and Ghebletain mosque Ohod battle area and some of the other holy places in Makkah and Madineh
  • Sessions of must do's in Hajj will be provided in Makkah, Maddineh, Arafat, Mena and Mashaar

Below is small bibliography of our two rohani's who accompanied us during our Hajj in 2011, we hope to play host to them both again this year.

Seyed Mostafa Al Ghazvini from America

  • Council board member of the Shiite Muslims of America
  • Founder of the Islamic Cultural Centre of California
  • Muslim Council of American Advisor
  • Professor

Dr. Mousavi from Iran

  • Seminary education: lessons and principles of Fiqh
  • University Education: Ph.D. Comparative Philosophy
  • Fluent languages: English, Arabic and Turkish
  • Title: Servant al Alkrym the Ninth International Quran Exhibition 1380
  • Publications in the field of Hajj: Hajj A to Z books and articles published in Journal of Conditions

Activities and employment:

  • Head Research Consultant Computer Research Centre of Islamic Sciences University lecturer and field
  • Islamic expert on English television and radio Magic English Education

Tasharrofi records:

  • 10 Hajj Travel
  • 5 Umrah Travel
  • 3 visit Karbala, Najaf, Samarra and Kazemini